Nottingham NHS Treatment Centre

ONE20 designed this $100 million healthcare building around a natural light filled atrium which acts as a focus for all activities and also to deliver
high levels of sustainability.  By looking creatively at the use of consultation space and agreeing strategy options with the consultant teams, the net building is around 20% smaller than one using conventional NHS standards.

ONE20 designed this building from its Melbourne office and the London office did the site work. This Global approach saved time and $. The Nottingham NHS Treatment Centre (NDTC) was a UK government initiative to provide modern state of the art facilities equipped with the latest technology. The NDTC was operated by Circle on behalf of the NHS for NHS patients, providing high quality day case procedures, medical treatment and outpatient consultations. There are 15 departments including diagnostics and theatre suites integrated into this building all providing day care facilities and treatment.

It is now becoming better accepted that natural light can play an important role in speeding up the recovery of patients.  The decision was taken to maximise the access to natural light for all patients in the hospital; not an easy thing in a building with such a large footprint.  The building is composed from modern building materials. The circulation areas are celebrated with clear glass. The tunnel connecting the new building to the old is a metal tube with slits that create a rythym of light as you walk along.  Another level of research investigated how to provide additional teatments and reduce waiting times.

The site was an old established hospital campus.  The new building had to fit within the overall precinct, but also be a distinct element.  Public art was an integral part of the brief. ONE20 established separate Art and Landscape budgets.  This ensured that these elements were not lost during construction.  The art was procured through design competition. The planning of the building was integral to ensuring a more efficient healthcare process.  The design of treatment areas meant waiting times have been reduced and more patients have been seen than in a traditionally planned hospital.   By relocating some departments the hospital was able to free bed space for longer term care.

This is largest independent treatment centre in Britain. The Nottingham Day Treatment Centre is operated for the NHS providing high quality day case procedures. Secretary of State for Health Andrew Lansley, stated “It is providing a good care to patients on the basis of NHS principles.  It made a profit of £4 million in the six-month period to 30 June 2013, up from £2.5 million. In 2016, Circle’s teledermatology service was awarded a “Clinician’s Choice Award” by private healthcare industry group Hpci Media in the Building Better Healthcare Awards

Key facts are:-
• 185,000 patients per annum
• 9,500 sq m over two operational floors
• 6 years from inception to opening including all bidding stages
• 1,000 NHS staff on secondment from QMC
• Saving features to achieve energy targets of N55 gj/100cu m/annum

The project is located on the campus of the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham UK Work commenced in 2006 and has bees modified over the past 15 years. The latest work being concluded in 2019

Team Members

Adrian Light
Roger Walker
Tony Kidman
Rachel Dann
Denise Filbery
Claire Walker
Jerome Healy

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