Balaclava Hat Factory

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The much anticipated refurbishment of the old millinery building in Balaclava has begun.

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This will be a high end residence for a couple who have a keen interest in sustainable design and a willingness to fully explore the design potential of this old hat factory.   Sustainability is a priority as it is with all our projects.   Re-use and adaptation is an important aspect of our sustainability approach.  For example the old beams will be milled on site and re-used for the new stair treads.  Doors have been re-sized and re-used throughout the building.  Ceiling foilboard is repurposed as insulation in the walls.

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The new space will incorporate luxury design features such a moat, an outdoor bath and a fully brass kitchen. But these are not follies.  The building will surpass the exacting environmental requirements that are so often difficult to achieeve when adapting buildings of this type.

Screenshot (533) Screenshot (531) We will be exited to showcase the finished project soon.

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