Managing director, Roger Walker has key experience in the design of community facilities. He is an internationally recognized expert in urban development and retail design.  He has been invited to address several International groups including the councils of several European cities.  For example, the city of Milan invited him to advise them on how to protect the city centre from out of town development. This also led to a commission to redesign one of Milan’s key civic squares. Roger led the ONE20 team in the design of libraries at Belper Town centre, the QMC medical library and the Library facilities at Suffolk college.  One20’s team contains a number of highly talented urban designers, planners and interior designers.

One20 are sensitive to the different business drivers and stakeholders needs that arise on many projects.  One20 has provided development and masterplanning advice to clients on large scale town centre developments around the world including a new sustainable village for 10,000 people incorporating the latest technology and several multi-million dollar town centre redevelopment projects.  We are assisting in redeveloping the city center of Belper in the UK as well as a $150 million hotel and retail driven pier development in Western SuperMare, UK.

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